Vinternatt isfisk geilo

Family ice fishing

Bring your family to an exciting experience this winter! Join the guides Hilde and Jørgen on the ice-covered Ustedalsfjord and try ice fishing. The guides will bring all the necessary equipment for a cozy experience out on the ice. While waiting for the fish to bite you can enjoy the beautiful view of Geilo and the scenery over the mountain village and the nature.  It's never good to know when the fish bites, but the more exciting when it happens - maybe you are lucky to catch a fish! If its alot of snow on the ice, you use snowshoes to get to the fishing spot.  Ice fishing on the Ustedalsfjord takes place during the day and is perfect for families with children!

Ice fishing among the stars​

Come along for an unique night excursion to leave the beaten tracks and immerse yourself in the Norwegian wilderness. Walk in an unspoiled nature in one of the purest area of the world, and make your way through the fresh and untouched snow glowing under the moonlight and the stars. We will walk you through the wilderness, tell you about the nature, the wildlife and the guide Jeff will take professional photos for you to make sure you get the best out of this experience. The guide will make sure that you are always feeling perfect : by providing you some home made cookies and hot chocolate , grilling some sausages around a bonfire to keep you warm while you are seating on some very comfortable skin waiting for the fish to bite. 

isfiske geilo

Ice fishing tips

5 valuable ice fishing tips: 
1. Keep warm: It can quickly get cold out on the ice, so be sure to wear warm clothes, and some good shoes that can withstand water.
2. Something to sit on: You probably want to get your portable seat or a plastic box to sit on, to avoid getting cold.
3. Food and drinks: Bring something hot to drink, and some good snacks to keep you going!
4. Bait: To attract the fish, you need some bait like maggot or worms. But, use your imagination - what do you think the fish like?
5. A smile and patience: The most imoportant about icefishing is a good mood. No matter if the fish does not bite - you will alwayse have a great memory to keep!


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