Horse-drawn sleigh ride​

Bring your family and friends to an adventure in beautiful surroundings!  Sleigh rides are the winter mountain`s answer to a limousine. You sit under warm blankets and furs, and experience the winter evening with the sound of sleigh bells, the glow of the torches, and steaming horses in winter wonderland! Enjoy Geilo in slow motion, and from a different perspective. Let the everyday problems disolve, and let the peace and calmness sink in to your mind. Geilo Hestesenter conducts sleigh rides several times a week, but its also possible to book your own sled, and get picked up at a hotel or other places sentral in Geilo. This is truly an atmospheric and enjoyable experience for the whole family! 

Asle Kirkevoll, hestekar, Geilo.

Riding in winterwonderland!

Ridning in snow, and in the winter landscape is a fun and exciting experience! Because of the winter and cold, the horses are extra eager. We recomend that you have some riding experience to join this tour, due to the uneven and varying surface where the horse can go through the rotten snow and slide on the ice. Before the ridingtour, you will be able to join prepare the horses, such as picking them up, brush and saddle the horses. The ridingtour is led by highly qualified instructors for you to feel safe on the horse.