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Fatbike is an outdoor activity that takes place in varying weather conditions! A Fatbike behaves quite like a regular mountain bike, but with its almost three times wide deck it is perfect for fast-paced fun and play on the snow. Fatbike activities is provided by Geilo Aktiv, led by the enthusiastic and internationally renowned person in mountain bike and fatbike - Nina Gaessler. She offers everything from easy bike rides around the Ustedalsfjord to cycling with power and speed and daytrips.  Are you ready for a fast-paced and fun adventure on fatbike?

fatbike hardangervidda

1 ½ hour or full day tour?

If you want to try fatbike, you are welcome to attend the weekly tours that go in the area around the Ustedalsfjord, where all the equipment is included. Here you get an introduction to basic techniques and try the bike in the snow! If you want a longer trip it is possible with a day tour. The day tour lasts for about 5-6 hours and is recommended only for habile cyclists. This cycling trip takes place in the mountain area around Geilo, with a foodstop in a mountain cabin on the plateau!


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