From beginner to expert

Beginner? Geilo Ski School is running a "try-out course" for 1.5 hour, for those who are new to cross-country skiing and wish to get a classic style introduction. Here you get an insight into the basic techniques, where all necessary cross country equipment is included (not clothing). They also run a three-day group course for beginners, which is finished off with a beautiful half day tour in fantastic surroundings. The course goes step by step and is tailored to the group skill level and ability. It starts with basic training (day one), technique training (day two) and finally a 2.5-3 hour tour (day three). Practiced? Would you like to improve your skiing technique? Book a improver lesson with Geilo Ski School. Cross country enthusiast? Book a guided tour and get the WOW factor! Guided cross country skiing is for intermediate skiers who ski with good rhythm and balance.

Cross country adventure

Together with Vinternatt, you are able to enjoy the untouched snow, the silence and the feeling of being alone in the woods. Join the experts on an adventure through the woods in beautiful surroundings! The guides is both outdoor experts, and are eager to share their knowledge and the charm of being in the nature! The trip takes place in easy terrain, and is suitable for those who have some experience with cross-country. Are you ready for a lovely skiing adventure?

Langrennskart geilo

Geilo, a ski paradise!

There are great opportunities for cross country skiing at Geilo, click on the picture to see our cross-country map of Geilo and surrounding area!
Cross country has a special place in Norwegian culture and history. Cross country is also one of the best sports to discover the beautiful alpine landscape in and around Geilo.The skiis is light and narrow, and fits perfectly in the ski tracks. Want to experience cross country skiing? Join a "try out" cross country course, read more about it here.
Fjellski or Nordic skiing is usually slightly wider than the regular cross-country skiis, and has steel edge to ensure stability even outside the ski track. Fjellski also has a little winding to give you better control at the downhill, and you can use a skin underneath, that gives you amazing grip of the slopes!