Serious Fun offers rafting on Northern Europe’s best rafting river – Numedalslågen

Focusing on safety and quality, the experienced raft guides will help you to get the raft trip you want. All guests receive personal safety with all the important information and training before we throw ourselves into all the excitement with a big smile and adrenaline running through the body.

Numedalslågen is 352 km long, it comes from Nordmannslågen on Hardangervidda and we can proudly say that the water we raft on is recycled snow from the National Park.
The rivers flow past Dagali and eventually end in Larvik. Numalism in Dagali is well-known in the rafting and kayaking community.
On a unique water level in July, eleven is called “Little Zambesi”, which refers to one of the world’s most famous raft plots in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe.
The guides working at Zambesi are also among the best in the world, and therefore we get a lot of guides from there coming to work with us every summer.

We customize the rafting trip to the desired level, from quiet fun mini rafting tours to exciting super trips that suit most and proper extreme rafting for adrenaline happy people.


Welcome to a fun and exciting day in Numedalslågen!

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