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Welcome to Geilo Hestesenter, they offer horseback back riding in the beautiful surroundings around Geilo all year round – Explore and experience more.

Geilo Hestesenter is a family run business that opened in 1969, by father Ola and his two sons Arne and Asle Kirkevoll.
At their home Geilostølen, Asle soon became fascinated by the Hardangervidda and whilst working for the Buskerud Agricultural Company between 1972-1973, he and his pony Rosa spent a summer tracking cows that were able to roam free over the Hardangervidda. From this Alse found a calling to showing visiting tourists the beauty of the mountains from the horseback. Alse has been riding now for over 40yrs and countless visitors have followed him on trips over the Hardangervidda.

At its peak, in the early 90’s, Geilo Hestesenter had over 80 horses in use during the busy summer period. Today, it has 21 horses that are in constant activity throughout the year.
Geilo Hestesenter offers everything from, pony mixes and horses, Islandic ponies, dew and a new breed in Norway, the Black- cold blooded.

Let Geilo Hestesenter and their horses give you a real experience in nature!

What does Geilo Hestesenter offer?

– Horseback riding in Summer, autumn, winter and spring. From small 1hr trips to full weekend trips and more.

– Courses with riding, carriage driving, horsemanship, horseshoeing, horse riding etc.

– Winter sledge; the snowy mountain’s answer to a limousine.
Sitting under warm blankets and furs, experience the winter night with the sounds and sights of dumbbells, torches and majestic horses.

– Therapy guide for people with disabilities

– Horse and carriage trips

– Guided tours

– Sledging

– Wedding transport

Geilo Hestesenter
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