Glacier tours

Guided glacier tour at Hardangerjøkulen.

Jøklagutane is an activity company based on Finse – 1222 meters above sea level. With offices in an old trainstation with direct connection to Bergensbanen and Hardangervidda, Jøglagutane has the opportunity to show you this unique area – both in the summertime and wintertime, either it is with friends, family or your company. The tours will basically go every day in the summer season and they lasts for about 6-7 hours. Normally, the tours starts around 11.00 am from Finse Railway Station. The price includes a guide, necessary equipment, insurance and a personal gift.

Hardangerjøkulen – the sixth largest glacier in Norway.
The surface area is approximately 73 km² and the highest point on the glacier is 1 863 meter above sea level. The glacier has several outlet glaciers, where the most known ones are Blåisen, Midtdalsbreen and Rembesdalskåka. Fun fact: Midtdalsbreen was the location of some of the most iconic scenes from Star Wars Episode V: “The Empire Strikes Back”.

What to wear? The clothing must be solid and water/wind proof as the weather changes quickly at Jokula. Choose solid shoes and remember to bring a hat, sunglasses and a pair of gloves/mittens.


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