Geilo offers everything from quiet cycling trips for families, downhill cycling or one of Norway’s most beautiful cycling trails – Rallavegen. Come along with our guides for a wonderful bike experience adapted to your leven and physical conditions. 

Rallarvegen has been named Norway’s finest cycling route. 81 km long, following the outskirts of the Hardangervidda Plateau, leads you along the Bergen Railway Line from Haugastøl via Finse, Hallingskeid, Myrdal and down to Flåm. The road by itself is an attraction, but it also brings you through a fantastic highland area starting at 1000 meters above sea level(a.s.l.), peaking at 1350 meters for then to lead you back down to the fjords at sea level. Cycling Rallarvegen is possible every day in the summer season, from early July to late September. You can bring your own bike or rent a bike at Haugastøl, Finse or Geilo.

Geilo offers many great opportunities for cycling in the area. Well-organized gravel tracks without vehicle traffic provides good and safe conditions for families on a cycling trip.


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