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Super rafting​

Serious Fun offers rafting on Numedalslågen - one of Europe`s best rafting river.  Numedalslågen stretches for over 352 kilometres, beginning at the Hardangervidda plateau. The Super rafting tour goes through exhilarating rapids and waterfalls, which will guaranteed give you a smile and a wet hair due. Serious Fun is a company that aims to offer nature based activities that burst with real energy, joy and quality. In order to fulfill their goals, the most important elements are safety, experience, knowledge and the genuine interest and passion to give you as a guest an amazing experience.  On a unique water level in July,  the river is called “Little Zambesi”, which refers to one of the world’s most famous raft river in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe. The guides working at Zambesi are also among the best in the world, and therefore we get a lot of guides from there coming to work with us every summer.


Viking rafting

For adrenaline-seeking Vikings: Numedalslågen is one of Europe’s best rafting river, a technical alpine river, which means that it offers plenty of exciting challenges. The wild Viking rapids are either at the beginning of the rafting tour or at the end, depending on the time of season. Some of the rapids are up to grade 5, on a scale from 1-6. During the rest of the rafting tour, you can if you wish, challenge the tougher lines of the river that on the ordinary rafting tour. Therefore, you are more likely to experience the “Viking bath”- to fall in the river, or even for the raft to flip. The rafting tours changes due to the changing water level during the season. The tour itself also changes, certain periods we surf on the bottom wave of the amazing Ismalfoss and other times we jump from the cliff into the river- a proper adrenaline kick! 


Family rafting

Bring the family on a faschinating rafting tour on the Numedalslågen with fun rapids and wave surfing. Numedalslågen is surrounded by Norwegian untouched nature and contains crisp, clean water from the Hardangervidda National Park. On some of the calmer section of the river, you will have time to enjoy the surrounding nature and jump into the river and float safely next to the rafts. It is also safe to drink the water! Back at the base you welcome to stay as long as you like, have some hot drink and watch the photos and videos from you rafting tour. You may also pre-book a warm and cosy hot tub! This is an exiting activity for the whole family - and we promise a lot of fun for everyone. 

price from nok 550,-

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