Family rafting, 8-12 years

For the little ones: Even the children should will have the opportunity to experience play and fun in the water. Here you can choose between "Family rafting" and "Family rafting with lunch". Family rafting is for families with children aged 8-12. Here the family experience is in focus. We raft in a safe and quiet river, with fun waves and small rapids that make the trip exciting for both young and adult. A perfect and slightly different family activity.

Vakker dag på rafting

Rafting on Numedalslågen

GEILO365 has two different rafting companies, Serious Fun and Dagali Fjellpark, both which offer rafting in the Numedalslågen, starting from Dagali. Rafting on the Numedalågen gives you fun rapids and small waterfalls that will definitely give you a smile on your mouth. Numedalslågen also shows beautiful, untouched nature and consists of fresh and crystal-clear water from Hardangervidda National Park. «Rafting on the Numedalslågen» and «Classic Rafting with lunch» have age limit of 12 years, and are our most popular rafting trips that suit everyone. This tour is characterized by action and exciting rapids! We promise that you will not go dry out of the river.



446/5000 Are you looking for a real adrenaline rush? "Viking rafting" and "Full on rafting with lunch" are for those who want the little extra, with age limit 15+. Here you are taken on 2-3 extra rapids, which makes the trip more extreme, and maybe you are lucky to get a real Viking bath on the road. The trip itself can change somewhat based on water level. Some periods we surf on the waves from fantastic Ismalfoss, other times we jump from a cliff and down into the river!

Vakker dag på rafting

Evening "hygge" with hot tub.

Spend the evening with new and old friends and complete the evening breeze in a hot tub after the rafting trip. At evening rafting you take the trip to Serious Fun's wilderness camp after rafting where you can enjoy the evening sun by the fire and in the hot tub.