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Guider fiske

Guided hikes

Join one of our local guides on a tour around Geilo, Hardangervidda, Hallingskravet or Vøringsfossen. Our guides are all eager to share their knowledge of nature, local history and outdoor life. Attending a guided hike is both safe and educational, combined with a social experience. The guided hikes on offer are numerous and range from easy walks to ascents to beautiful mountains. 

Max Rallarvegen

Hiking and electric biking

Come along for a wonderful bike experience using an electric mountain bike combined with hiking in the mountains! Combining the hike with an electric bike makes it more comfortable to get up to the high mountain.  Despite the altitude, the electric bike will enable everyone to partixipate - while discovering large parts of Geilo in a short period of time. Hiking and electric bike tours are arranged in the mountain area around Geilo, starting outside the Toursit information Center i Geilo. 

Halne Fjellstugu

Historical footprints

Halne Fjellstugu wishes to pass on local history from the area and cultural monuments that extend back to the Stone Age. One of Halne`s populare hike is the trip up to Måbøgaldene. Here we will visit the "Måbødalen Cultural Landscape Museum" and hear about the people who lived here and the way they ran their farm. From the farm there`s an old pathway up to the Måbøberget mountain at the edge of Hardangervidda mountain plateu. We may also recommend experiencing the most famous waterfall in the country - Vøringsfossen. Take a picture on the rope bridge, with a scenic background and hear the roar from the waterfall! 

price from nok 300,-

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