Kajakk på Finsevann

Kayak on Finse lake​

Paddling a kayak on Finse lake must be one of the closest to paddle in "Arctic waters", with a magical scenery of mountains and glaciers. Kayaking at Finse lake takes place in steady double kayaks, focusing on safety and learning.  Our guides will tell you exciting storys from the area, from the Stone Ages fishing culture, the wildlife and the Bergensbanen. You will also learn about how the Finse area was used by Amundsen and Schakleton as a test and training area for polar expeditions! There is no road access to Finse, only a railway stop - this is an amazing and exotic experience in untouched nature! 


By boat to the national park

Would you like to join a peaceful kayaking tour around the fjord? This is possible right by the village of Geilo.You don’t need to have any previous experience of kayaking to join. You will be guided by a professional sea kayak instructor and the kayaks that we use are easy to paddle. We will go through the basics and then take a tour around the lake.


Rent a cano

Geilo is a great base for those who want kayaking and canoeing. We have a total of 5 canoes for rent. Four ot the canoes are located at Veslefjorden, and the canoe "Freya" is located at Geilo Beach - where you can take a paddle on the Ustedalsfjord. The boats can accommodate 3 people, alternatively 2 adults and 2 small children. A great family activity - maybe you can also see traces of some of the beavers living along the water's edge in the fjord?