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Visit a husky kennel

What do all de huskies do in the summertime? The Aasberg Arnesen familly invite you home to their farm, to meet all their huskies! This is a real husky kennel with 24 huskies with an unknown amount of puppies that are more than delighted to meet you! Learn all about how the family look after the dogs, train them and join feed them. The huskie kennel is located a 20 minute drive from Geilo, in a stunning scenery! This activity is perfect for families!

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Hike with a husky

A dog lover`s dreamday! Find your new best friend in the husky kennel, and take him for a hike in the Norwegian nature! The hike in forrest terrain is adapted to age and skill - but you will get good help from the huskies to reach the top of the mountain. You will learn all about the "dog-life", and get an insight into our daily routins, and how people and dogs live and work together. Our professional guide can answer all your questions, while you enjoy the beautiful nature and a norwegian lunch! 


For Geilo Husky it`s important to show you ” real dogsledding”. All our dogdivers run long-distance races besides working for Geilo Husky. This way we ensure that the dogs always come first and get the best care and the best food available. Furthermore, as a guest, you will experience true passion and knowledge of dogsledding and about the husky dog. 
Alaska huskier in “world class shape” and dogdrivers with many years of experience are looking forward to give you a true husky-experience!

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