Glacier tours

Price from NOK 690,-

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Discover the blue ice!

Exploring the blue ice is an unforgettable experience. Together with experienced guides you are able to explore the blue ice on Hardangerjøkulen, learn about the history and everything the glacier can tell us. With spectacular colors and long history we promise an experience you will never forget! 


On a glacier tour with Jøklagutane, you can explore the beautiful glacier Hardangerjøkulen from the beginning of July, until the snow falls in September. Hardangerjøkulen is the sixth largest glacier in Norway. The surface area is approximately 73 km² and the highest point on the glacier is 1 863 meter above sea level. The glacier has several outlet glaciers, where the most known are Blåisen and Midtdalsbreen east towards Finse and Rembesdalskåka, west towards Simadalen.Did you know that Midtdalen was used as a filming location for scenes in Star Wars episode V: “The empire strikes back?”

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