Price from nok 3150,-

Weekend course at Haugastøl.

Want to master the kite in a safe environment? offers a weekend course in snowkite, with experienced instructors and guides. The course takes place in Haugastøl. Haugastøl is widely recognized as one of the best spots in the world for snowkiting. The Hardangervidda mountain plateau offers large areas and stabile wind conditions throughout the entire winter. You follow the best winds and snow conditions - so on the course the whole Hardangervidda along RV7 is your playground. You do not spend any time indoors on theory, but focus on having fun and spending a lot of time behind the kite where it is fun - outdoors.


Private courses

Private lessons with a private instructor is becoming more and more sought after by us. If you've never held a kite before and want to learn at record speed in a safe and secure way, or if you have the kit for a while but want to improve or brush up on old skills, we can help. Everyone has different wishes, abilities and needs so we facilitator for each request. Please contact us to book a private course.

gruppekurs i snøkiting

Group course offers tailor-made courses for all types of groups, either as a day course or a full-time 2-day course. If you have experience with kiting, can offer you a guided tour of Hardangervidda - a fantastic nature experience! Group courses are arranged on demand and you can read more about our group courses here. We look forward to take your group out on a unique experience!

Price from nok 3150,-