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Unique mountain stay?

Mailiza og Sigbjørn_Tuva Turisthytte

Tuva Turisthytte

The family-run tourist cabin, Tuva has existed and welcomed overnight guests and cafe guests for over 100 years. It has now been taken over by 4th generation hosts Mailiza and Sigbjørn. Tuva Tourist Lodge offers accommodation in the period from March 1st to April 22nd and June 28th to September 8th. With its location northeast of Hardangervidda, 1200 meters above sea level, the trip up to Tuva itself is an adventure. Experience the amazing nature on your way up to Tuva by cross country skiing, for trail suggestions, click here. In the summer you can get up to Tuva by bus, car, bike or by hiking the beautiful hiking trails from Geilo or Ustaoset.


Tha famous waffles

The recipe for the famous waffles was invented by Laila - the grandmother to Mailiza. The secret recipe is safe in a fireproof vault, And there are only 2 people knows the ingredients . Usually we eat waffle with jam and sour cream, but the special Tuva waffles should be eaten straight from the iron, fresh and crispy. At Easter 2013, there was a 30 meter long waffle queue - which in itself is proof of how wonderful the waffles are. Welcome to Tuva! The café is open every day from 11:00 to 17:00 16 February-22 April, and 28 June to 8 September in the summer.



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