About us

Geilo as a destination has a vide variety of activities and suppliers that offers unique experiences all year round. For a long time it has been a demand from both guests and tourism actors to create a website where everyone easily can find activities in Geilo and in the surrounding area.
This was the starting point for GEILO365, which at its start consisted of 7 eager activity companies. GEILO365 was launched June 14, 2017 with 1 administrative workplace and online booking of activities and adventures! Today, GEILO365 are now a total of 19 activity providers (as of December 2019) who all share the same interest and desire. 
Below you can see all the suppliers in our network – and what the different providers offer.
Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Tel. 32 17 80 20 or e-mail: [email protected]


Geilo Husky

Dogsledding and group activities.

Slaatta Skisenter

Snowshoeing, cross country, alpine and group activities.

Haugastøl Turistsenter

Rallarvegen, accommodation and bike renal.

Geilo Hestesenter

Horseback riding, sleigh ride and group activities.


Glacier walk and kayak.

Serious Fun

Rafting, paintball and group activites.


Group activities.



Halne Fjellstugu

"Halnekongen" - boat, fishing, accommodation and snowshoeing.

Dagali Fjellpark

Canyoning, rafting, accommodation, tobogganing, SUP and kayak.

Geilo Aktiv

Fatbike, snowshoeing and guiding.


Ice fishing, snowshoeing, guiding, cross country and culture.



Tuva Turisthytte


Geilo Aktivitets-senter

Snowmobile and group activities .

Geilolia Hyttetun

Accommodation for groups.

Hol Turlag

Canoe rental.


Cultural experiences.

Visit Geilo

Snowshoe and kicksled rental.